Banlaw Fill Safe

The Banlaw Fillsafe™ overfill protection system provides zero overfill, zero tank pressure and zero spillage during refuelling in many applications.

Banlaw Fillsafe™ is available in a number of configurations, that enables refuelling to take place without tank pressurising, irrespective of the required flow rates. Rates of 1000 litres/min can be achieved with no increase in tank pressure.

Linked sensors fitted in the refuelling receiver and the fuel tank ensures that when the tank is completely full the fuel flow is terminated without tank pressurisation. Banlaw FillSafe™ removes the guesswork and removes the need for manual checking of tank levels.

The leak free connection between nozzle and tank ensures zero spillage, and simultaneously prevents any contaminants entering the fuel tank – delivering improved performance outcomes and reduced downtime for each machine.

Cleaner fuel also means improved filter and injector life, delivering further savings in machine related expenses and increased availability for operational hours for each machine.

Returns for the client are realisable in their bottom line through:

  • reduced loss of fuel from spillage or tank rupture;
  • reduced need for maintenance because the zero tank pressure environment extends the working life of the machine’s tanks;
  • improved environmental outcomes;
  • reduced chance of OH&S related risks through zero spillage.

Banlaw also manufactures a range of purpose designed tank vents. These are recommended to ensure the maximum efficiency of the refuelling system.